Our Charter of Excellence

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Charte d'Excellence

The Excellence is our passion; more than a necessity, it is a way of working at PHARMASPECIFIC.

PHARMASPECIFIC is a company specialized in clinical research in France (CRO and SMO Site Management Organization), we offer high-quality service in conduct, the follow-up of clinical trials and observational studies. We collaborate with pharmaceutical industry, the CROs, the Biotechs, the healthcares centers, hospitals and manufacturers of medical devices.

The bases of our commitment towards our clients are the excellence of our services, our reliability and our quality.

Through the Charter of Excellence, PHARMASPECIFIC is committed to complete the missions that you assigned, with their know-how in order to guarantee the success of your research projects.


The Excellence of our services

Your stakes need clear commitment from us.


  • to guarantee the quality of services provided in respecting the deadline;
  • to do a careful monitoring of the implementation of your clinical trials in compliance with ICH, European directives, French regulation;
  • to keep confidential any data by means of the implementation of secure computer systems, partitioned, reliable and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) European;
  • to support you during audits and inspections in order to go through these steps with great serenity.

The excellence of a know-how

As you need an expert team, dynamic and motivated, PHARMASPECIFIC invests permanently in growing the skills improvement of its team and by recruiting the best talents.

We are ensuring an efficient management of your studies in order to obtain data with quality, perfectly reliable and meeting the requirements of a regulated environment.

The Excellence of customer relationship

Because you are the core of our business, PHARMASPECIFIC is working continuously to increase your satisfaction. This is how our company has implemented improvement programs in order to remove the gaps between your current experience and the desired one.

For you, the relational aspect is essential. During the conduct of your project, PHARMASPECIFIC ensures the execution of your studies with the same effective team member.

The Excellence of Quality

The excellence of our services, the reliability, and the quality for your benefit are the foundation of our commitment.

We continually improve our services and our procedures in order to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness of our services.

The guarantee of the results

The guarantee of the results at PHARMASPECIFIC applies in usual conditions of the services and the predefined conditions in the terms of services.

This guarantee is the implementation from the service to your complete satisfaction and this in the limits of the resources that you have invested.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION of our Management Quality System
Certification of our activity: The realization and the monitoring of clinical studies (Phase I, II, III and IV) and epidemiological, it is your quality assurance!

Our process approach, the continuous improvement and the customer satisfaction allow that each link in our system is mastered to provide services in accordance with our objectives, our national and international customers requirements, and the legal requirement and regulatory requirements.