Who are we?

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Pharmaspecific, CRO and Site management organization, clinical research specialist

Founded in 2010, our ISO9001 certified company is located in the Paris region. We are both a CRO and also a SMO (site management organization) in France.

Specialists in clinical research, we provide a complete service for the realization and track of your clinical and observational studies.

We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies (human and veterinary drugs), CROs, Biotechs, clinical sites and medical device companies.

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Our mission: To contribute to the success of the implementation and monitoring of your clinical trials, all therapeutic areas by providing:





Our engagements

  • Listening and quality guarantee of services provided and respect of your deadlines.
  • Certainty that your studies are rigorously controlled and get quality data, totally reliable.
  • Ensuring respect of your rights, security and protection of each trial participant.
  • Careful monitoring of your study protocols in accordance with the ICH, EU directives and French legislation.
  • Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of our employees.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and services provided.
  • Meeting the requirements of a highly regulated environment.
  • Confidentiality of data in the course of our work through the establishment of secure and reliable IT systems.
  • Opportunity for you to manage audits and inspections with confidence.

You want to meet the requirements of a highly regulated environment.
You want to limit the increase of product development costs.
You want to meet your quality requirements in more and more reduced time.
Aware of your challenges, we aim to facilitate your projects in this difficult context.

Discover our therapeutic areas, our clinical research services.