Quality and data protection

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Our quality policy

In line with our commitment to excellence and reliability of our practices, we organize our development around a clear quality policy and organized around the following themes:

1 – Listening: to the expectations of our clients, investigators and patients.

2 – Respect:

  • for the regulations: meet the legal and regulatory requirements specific to the activity of the company,
  • for the good clinical practice as part of our work (especially with investigators and other participants).

3 – Continuous improvement to ensure the quality of our services, increase our efficiency, maintain customer satisfaction.

4 – The establishment of a consistent ISO9001 certified quality management system with the satisfaction and evolution of our various participants.

See our full Quality policy PDF.

Your data under high security

We takeProtection des données to heart the confidentiality of industrial and personal data transmitted to us. Thus, we have taken many steps to ensure a level of protection of such information.

The hard drives of the computers we use every day are encrypted.

Our entire IT infrastructure is protected by a firewall and our mail system is secured.

Storage of documents is secured by the implementation of an archiving system in encrypted mode.

Access to documents is restricted to authorized personnel.

Clearances and permissions are managed by our IT manager.

Maintenance of our IT infrastructure is regularly carried out to ensure that the operating systems of positions, antivirus and other protective software and applications are up to date in terms of the corrective measures applicable.

We respect the following laws: FDA21 CFR11, edited CNIL Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

Physical security of our premises is also enhanced.